Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Track nite

Yesterday was a easy 25 mile spin to get the junk out of the legs. I felt ok and the ride was a nice pace in the small ring. Just what I think I needed. Tonight we are going to race the track and it is scratch and tempo races. I hate the tempo but will have to see how it goes. Maddie is going and she is looking forward to racing so I'm glad that she is enjoying the racing now. Tomorrow is the CR time trial and Cece is going to race it for the first time as she has figured it out she has a tri in 3 weeks. So alot of training to do in the next couple of weeks. But she should be ok as she always does well. I heard Dave came home I hope that everything goes well in the next couple of weeks. Good Luck Dave. And Brad you are the best. Later..

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Bdog said...

What are friends for??!!