Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Hoping that this does not happen to me tonight.

Tonight is the first night that the gun show rolls out and I have a annual volleyball game for the Health Dept. I committed to the game and then set up a appointment for Nate to get fit on his new team bike tonight as well. I think Nate may be done in time for the ride but he wants to wait for me to drive with him so he knows where to go. We will be there next week Ron for sure. In the past we have won the volleyball tourney and taken the traveling trophy home but last year with my busted wing the team didn't fair as well and we are looking forward to playing this year and we are hoping that age is not catching up and we bring home the trophy one again. I know one thing and that is tomorrow I will be sore from my 1 time a year of playing volleyball and all the different muscles that I never use other wise. But it is fun to hang with the co workers and all every once in a while.

Then tomorrow I hope that the rain holds out and we get an outside ride in and if it is raining we will hit up Rays for a few hours of jumping. Then again on Thursday the group ride out of Hales Corners Wheel and Sprocket will be taking off at 5:30. But this week do not forget that the store is closed because of the Expo going on so if you are needing anything or need to use the restroom you may be out of luck. So plan ahead. Later..

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