Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Dusting of snow over night.

Well we got a little snow over night and that made everyone a little crazy. The news has been on for what seems like a few days and the streets are slowly getting back to normal. The plow came down our street early and that allowed a lot of the cars that were parked over night to dig out and move. But the plow was at least 4 feet from the curb on my side and that means that the cars that have to park on my side tonight are going to be sticking out in the drive lane and that should be interesting in the morning when they try to plow the other side over night. But I don't care as I got the alley from my garage to the street clean and I will check it in the early in the morning to make sire that we can all get out. I snow blowed for 8 hours today clearing my snow and then the snow for the elderly widows and neighbors in the neighborhood. While I was working the kids ( Nate and his friend Kyle ) got a ladder out and then were jumping off the garage roof into the snow. Then they helped Jessica dig tunnels through the snow drifts. They all enjoyed their day off and I worked my ass off on my day off. Well time for a few beers. Later..

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