Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Furlough Day

Driver side old.
Driver side new.
Passenger side old and no new picture but it looked like the driver side.

Today was the furlough that the Mayor decided we needed so I used it to get a few things done. I got up and took the 2 older punks to school as Maddie had a bunch of stuff to take so riding to school on the bike would have been a tad of a challenge. I made then take the bus home though. Then I got home and read the paper and had a few cups of Alterra coffee to kick start the day. After that it was a run up bu Coop to get a few things to do the rear brakes on the car. It took more time to get the stuff then it took to do it. Good to go now as the rotors were a little rusty and grinding when the brakes were applied. Then when that was done I cut the lawn watered the plants and things that needed it. I ate some lunch and then lifted weights for a while and went over a few things on the road bike that have been making noise. I hope that I have it figured out, will have to wait and see Thursday I guess. Finally got to relax and watch some Jerry Springer in the afternoon before going to get Jessica from school. Then it was get the bikes on the top of the car and get Jessica to soccer practice. While she had practice Nate and I rode our single speeds in the park and took some off camber turns to get ready for the cross season. tomorrow is the last Wednesday night race and you need some lights to finish so if you are coming start charging them now. Also Thursday the group ride goes off at 5:30 again. So I enjoyed doing what I wanted on my furlough day. Later..

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