Saturday, September 26, 2009

USGP Cross pictures

Went to the USGP cross race in Sun Parerie this morning and Nate, Mitch and Gage toed the line in the 15- 16 year old class. The gun went off and they were gone and Nate, Mitch, Gage and Jordan were in a small group. After a slick turn it was Mitch and Jordan with a gap that Nate and Gage would never close. The finish would be Jordan, Mitch, Nate and then Gage. Te course was long and nice but some of the turns set up were tight and slick after the rain last night and that caught Nate off guard on the first lap. He hopes to get in with Mitch and try to work together to give Jordan something to deal with. Now it is off to the wedding for Fred and Tammy. Later..

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