Saturday, September 12, 2009


Got to Stevens Point today and picked Wade up and turned the car loaded with bikes to Wisconsin Rapids for the State Championship Pre Race. The track was cool and fast tonight. A little steep on the backsides of a lot of the stuff but a great job by the crew up here. Nate took a 3rd on his cruiser tonight and a 5th on his 20 inch. He has a stacked class every time he lines up in the gate but for a kid that does this stuff 1 time a month and puts these kids on their heels from start to finish fun to watch. I took a 4th on the cruiser tonight as I'm waiting to race the 20 inch tomorrow because if I win the race I move up to intermediate class. So I'm waiting 1 more day to race the 20 inch in the State race. It was a lot of fun to see the bmx crowd again as they are a blast to hang with and we are looking forward to the winter so see more of them again. Well tomorrow is the big race and hopefully Nate can beat Tyler for the win and I can pull mine off to. Good Luck to all racers at Treadfest. Time for some sleep. Later..

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