Friday, September 04, 2009

Beat up

The beat down was a nice group of 14 riders at the start. Things rolled out nice till the Big Dodge Diesel truck came with in inches of taking the group out down Woods road. I say about 2 inches from hitting the elbow of Jeff and then Joey. Joey who never gets pissed took off and just missed getting the truck at the 4 way stop about a 1/2 mile up the road. Had Joe taken off right away he would have caught them but maybe it was good he didn't as the guy in the truck was an Ass and who knows what may have happened. Plus Joe isn't a fighter and if I was along then game on I say but just Joe not a good thing. But back to the ride, Joe waited up and then we rolled along at a nice clip till the long hill were Joe pulled the group into the hill at 30 for about a mile and then attacked the hill that is were the group became groups. Nate was able to get on to Joe's wheel and rode the rest of the ride with Joe, Glenn, Nate and Kathy. The rest were groups that formed to ride the last 40 minutes together. Jeff Senn was good and he came back and pulled us for a while and then Rick Walls and he waited and pulled Danny back to Jeff Krammer, Matt and myself for the ride down Woods road. In all a great ride even if I got dropped off the fast group but it was cool to see that Nate was able to hang on to Joe and Glenn who were hammering it even though he was under the weather was good and even take his pulls here and there. Maybe 1 more or possibly 2 more Thursday night group rides are left. We will be leaving at 5:30 again to get in before the sun goes down.

The weather is looking great for the weekend and hope to get a few long road and maybe a mtn bike ride in each day. Don't really feel like driving to the Kettles to ride as the trails will be packed and it always takes 6 plus hours to drive - ride - drive. Maybe just ride the road from home and out around Wind lake and all for 65 plus miles and things of such. Just have to call Danny and Jeff Senn to see what they want to do. No plans yet but can always do anything that pops up. Hope to get started early for anything that does so the afternoons are open to get some things done. I did get the car washed and waxed yesterday since I started at 6am and was done at 2pm and the ride went off at 5:30pm. So 1 thing is off the list but there still is a bunch of things still needing to get done. I also have Tuesday off for a furlough day so that adds 1 more day of fun in for the long weekend. Oh I better get to work, if there is a nice ride that someone wants to get together post it or just call and Nate and I may just want to show up and do it. Later..

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