Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just letting the dust settle

It has been a busy week with a nice long ride on Sunday and then a trip to Marian University on Monday for Nate signing on to race with them. Then it was a few nice rides in with Billy and the Jr punks before finally getting some time to relax tonight.  But just as the dust settles I know that it will get just as crazy as ever because the training is going to ramp up and then the racing will begin and that means going somewhere every weekend.  But that is what we live for and I can't wait for the racing and heavy training to start, really I can not wait for it to start and see all the racers and people again.  See you at the rides and races soon.

Fixxie has been growing and we are having a blast with her running around the house.  She has a fun personality and it sure fits in at our house for sure.  I have to put the dog bed at my feet or she jumps on me till I pick her up to sleep on my lap.  We have all gotten used to her under our feet as not to step on her and she has gotten used to us moving and getting out of our way not to step on her.  Glad to have her hanging around for sure and I can't wait to take her to the races this spring and summer.  Later..

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