Sunday, February 19, 2012

Riding along

I have been busy with work, riding ( indoors and outdoors ) and keeping a puppy in eye sight.  It is always a challenge to keep all the Dr appointments which I had on Monday and all is still good with the cancer thing, dentist appointments for the kids and Cece having meetings after school but between Cece and I we some how manage.  I have to say getting home and getting dark so early has us riding indoors whether it is either here doing the workouts in the basement or Nate on the comp u trainers or me at the barn on the bmx bikes.  I guess all my indoor riding and going no where has made the longer 3 to 5 hour rides so tough that I may have to do something different.  Wrong on that as they are going just fine.  But on a different note we did our things all week and then yesterday we had a real nice workout for about 3 hours on the bike and then I got home and washed the truck as I have to take it on the road early in the morning and then even though it was a tough workout I hit the BMX track for some more racing.  I took a 2nd in cruiser and then a 3rd in 20 inch.  I missed the main in the money open but as always it is a blast to race the BMX bikes.

Then today it was a 3 plus hour ride with Nate, Billy Jones, Simon, Garrett, Peter, Max, Austin, Jeremy and one other Team Extreme rider ( sorry I forgot his name ).  It was a long steady ride with a few sprints after 2 hours into the ride.  I have to say that Doug was right as after the training ride yesterday that with the ride today and all that the kids could bring was water that a few may bonk.  Well a few did and we got home with a few empty tanks but it was a great ride.  Then it was a quick recovery drink from Billy a awesome plate of spaghetti and get Nate home to run to work.  I still managed to lift weights tonight to although  that may be the last thing before I sit down and have a few beverages before going to bed at like 8pm as I have to get up early for a ride south again and we are hoping for nice easy ride without as much excitement like the last time Nate and I headed that way.  Well time for some beverages.  Later..

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