Saturday, February 11, 2012

This and That

It has been a busy few days as always here at our house.  On Monday it was a Vet appointment for Fixxie and it was a few shots and now she is good to go until she is spade.   Everyone at the Vet said Fixxie was the cutest dog that they have ever seen, I agree.

Then on Tuesday it was a orthdontist appointment for Nate and Maddie.  I think the orthodontist said that Maddie is getting close to getting her braces off so that will be nice.  As for Nate I think he a bit to go before his come off.  But the teeth are looking good and it as always it worth it.

Wednesday was as always gate practice at the barn.  There was a lighter crowd there so it was gate drops till you dropped.  At the end I was pretty tired and for sure got my share of gate practice this week.  Hoping that the practice helps one of these race days.

Thursday was the usual workout and then get a bunch of things done around the house.  I had to get one of Nate's bikes ready for Jake to try bmx racing tomorrow too.  I hope that Jake is ready and watching a few videos as bmx racing is a lot different then any of the other types of bike racing.  But we are hoping he likes it and keeps at it after tomorrow.  I always look forward to another racer trying bmx as I think it really helps Nate and his racing the road, men bike, track and cross.  After that it was run to Nate's High School and attend a financial aid seminar. Glad to see that there are ways to get a few extra $ to help pay for some of Nate's college as it is going to be a few $.   

Yesterday was just do a easy spin and and lift before chill'n  with a few glasses of wine.  I have to admit it is nice to just chill and have a few beverages before heading to bed at like 9:30.  I have come to realize that I am getting old and the high light of the day is going to bed. 

Then today was a early morning workout as we had brunch at Cece's Mom's house.  We got to take Fixxie and she got to meet the rest of the relatives.  Fixxie ran around for 4 hours and now she has been sleeping for 3 hours.  I hope she doesn't get up and run around all night.  Then it was drop Jessie off at a swim party, get Nate out of the house for a training ride with Garrett and Max before getting Jeremy.  Now I am just waiting for Nate to get out of the shower and then head to BW's for a few wings ( like 24 HOT wings ).

See you at the barn for some bmx racing.  Later..

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