Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ride'n in Rockesha

Ronsta tossed out a invite to ride for a few hours out in Waukesha and the surrounding communities.  In the end it was Ron, Forrest, Shelly and myself rolling for a few tic's under 5 hours.  We rode awesome roads that had as it seemed alot of up hill direction, but it was a great day and with the sun out right now I could do it again but the bmx track is calling.

After the ride I got home and pulled the hose out and washed the cars and truck as they were filthy.  Then it was clean up and head to Racine to get Len and Bob so we could get to the 40th Birthday party for Brad.  It was nice talking to Dave for awhile there before heading home as was a little tired from the days activities.

Nate heads home from Tuscon today after his 5 days of training out there.  Looks and sounds like they had a great time and go some good miles in again.  They get in around midnight so his first day back to school is going to suck but I think that will be OK as he had a nice vacation.  Well time to get to the bmx track.  Later..

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