Monday, April 30, 2012

Kettle Moraine road race

 Picture taken by Peloton-Pix.
The 4 man break in the jr 15-18 30 mile road race. How yo see them is how they rolled across the line.  Kevin, Nate, Garrett and Kaleb.

 Nate laughing at something Kaleb was saying at the start line.

 Nate chill'n after the jr race before he races the Pro 1,2 65 mile race.

 Nate, Scott and Kevin at the start of the pro 1,2 race.

 Nate at the front of the pro 1,2 race.

Nate sprinting for the finish line in the pro 1,2 race.  In the end he raced 97 miles yesterday before he then came home and showered and went to work.  Must have been a tired boy at school today.  Later..

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