Saturday, April 07, 2012

Stevens Point

 Nate pulling me along yesterday.

 Nate and I in the middle of nowhere.

 Scott, Nate and Mark pulling me along the roads around Stevens Point for a few hours.

 Red Neck garden behind this palace, alot of old trucks and trailers.

 There were so many used tires around this place as they were piled everywhere.  WTF?

 Alot better going with the wind.

Fixxie was beat after a few days outside all day.

It has been a few great days here in Stevens Point as the weather has been perfect for riding and getting a bunch of chores done for Wade.  Yesterday we got here and had a quick lunch and hit the road for a nice spin before dinner and then relaxing watching some movies with Wade.  This morning Scott Cole and I connected and Nate and I meet Scott and Mark for a nice tour around the Stevens Point area.  Thanks Scott and Mark for a great ride.  Then when we got home Nate and I cleaned the gutters and then we got a few things done in the garage.  My parents are here also for Easter and my brother Tim is cruising up tomorrow for too.  Now we are just chill'n watching some movies and catching up.  Happy Easter to all.  Later..

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