Sunday, April 22, 2012

Great Dane #2 pictures

Here are the pictures from the race today.  I still have a race report and pictures from yesterday to get up and just thought about that after today's were already done loading.  We headed out early this morning and picked up Simon at 6:30 and headed to Madison with Kaleb following as he spent the night after the races yesterday.  Once at the race we got Simon all st up and he went to work.  He broke off the front right away with Austin and they stayed away for the entire race.  In the end Austin went around Simon as he pulled to much in the break, lesson learned and we will work on that for the next race.  Then it was Nate and the rest of  the ISCorp crew taking it to the line.  Right away as always there were attacks and then after a few Kaleb went and a racer again from Great Dane Velo went.  They stayed away and Kaleb won the race with Kevin then Max as they both broke away from the field and held on as Nate and Peter played with the rest of the racers.  As the field sprinted for the line Nate took the sprint win for 5th and then Myles, Lionel and Peter rounding out the top 4 for the field finish sprint.  Good smart racing for the ISCorp jr kids again.  I again raced and as always it was a win as I finished without crashing and getting dropped.  I finished 17th today in the Masters 35 plus 3-4 race.  Yesterday I raced the Masters 35 plus 3-4 and finished about the same in the top 20 and then in the masters 35 plus 1,2,3 race it was about 20th maybe a give or take a few spots.  But it was fun and I will sit out this weekend as the $ for the races are a tad high in my book.  SO I will watch Nate race and then take the weekend off of racing.  Now I need to get my feet and legs up after the fun I had this weekend.  Later..

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