Friday, April 13, 2012

Pictures of fixxie

It has been a while since I posted just pictures of Fixxie.  Her are a few of her over the past couple of weeks.  She loves to roll around in her bed and then when ever someone sits down she wants up on their lap and then proceeds to fall asleep.  She had a little fun this morning though as Jessie put her candy on a table next to the couch upstairs and Fixxie found it.  She ate a lot of it and then puked it all up all over the kitchen and in the bedroom.  Nice way to wake up this morning, NOT.  Hope Fixxie is all ok now so that Cece doesn't have to keep chasing around cleaning up after her.  I also hope that Jessie is not to mad as she has no candy left after Fixxie found it.  I guess the note on the table stating This is Jessie's candy do not eat any was not seen or read by Fixxie.   Later..

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