Sunday, April 01, 2012

Illinois racing

 Lindsey getting ready to race in the womens open.

 Race face is ready.

 Crappy picture but Lindsey is in there somewhere.

 Simon is ready to roll.

 The ISCorp Jr team getting ready to go.

 Kaleb entertaining the jr field.

 The show never stops on the ISCorp train.

 Get ready to wait around for the start was the theme of the day at the races.

 Big boys gone and the next jr group getting ready to go.

 Nate chill'n in the field.

 ISCorp setting up the next attack.

 Simon rode great in his jr race.

 Nate taking the Prime.

 The ISCOrp jr team did all the work while the others sat in.

 That set up the time for Nate and Kaleb to attack the group.

 Attack they did and then Kaleb for the win here and Nate 2nd.

 Kaleb 1st, Nate 2nd, and Kevin 3rd, then it was Peter 4th, Max 6th, and then Matt 7th for a awesome finish.

The 3 on the top was another great finish.

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