Friday, November 30, 2012

BMX and Fixxie

Again it was a great time at the bmx track.  Maddie came a gain and she is enjoying her time on the track and said that she is going to try racing one of the next few weeks.  Can't wait to see her race.  Also we ordered Maddie a Star cruiser and she will use my Kuwahara 20 inch bike if she races a age class race.  This last gate practice Maddie did well and looked more comfortable then last practice.   She was riding Bryan's cruiser this week as it was closer to the size that she is going to get this Sunday so that was nice.  She did crash this week when another rider took her front wheel out in turn 1 but after sitting a few gates out she was back on the bike and finished the night out with her last gate being her best.  Just as happy as I can be with the fact that Maddie wants to race again.

Fixxie is the same old goofball leaving a 100 toy's ( thanks to Cece and the girls getting her a new toy every time they go to the store )  all over the house.  She gets up every time the heat kicks on and not wanting to go outside as the weather gets colder.  But she is a blast to have around and I can not believe it is almost a year that we have had her.  Nothing else to interesting going on.  Later.. 

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