Monday, December 03, 2012

Weekend update

 CarrieAnn taking a quick break to get the gloves off.

 Bret saying even though he was a little under the weather a day on the bike still rules.

 Fixxie waiting for someone to play with her.

 Me in the lead into the final turn taking the win in moto 1 in the cruiser race.

Me in the lead of the 2nd moto in the 20 inch class race.

It was another fast and fun weekend on the bikes .  Saturday I met CarrieAnn and Bret for a nice ride on the Tosa trails.  The weather and trails were in perfect shape and the 2 hours on the bike was awesome for a December ride.  We were a little over dressed as the temps were climbing nicely through out the ride and by the end my under armor was soaked.  But I was never to overheated but just to warm.  I am not complaining for a December ride.  Then it was a nice lunch before coming home to get the girls and then go out and Cece and myself some new phones before taking Jessie out to dinner for her 11th Birthday.  Then on Sunday it was off to the races at the Barn.  I had a OK day as I took a 2nd in the cruiser and a 5th in the 20 inch class.   But as always a day on the bike always puts a smile on the face.  Well nothing else here.  Later...

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