Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jay go boom

I was going down some stairs to get the last of my stuff for a ride and my heel slipped on the first step and I fell down the rest of the stairs.  I sat up and accessed myself and got up and finished getting ready to ride.  I knew that the fall was pretty bad as the leg was pain was killing me.  I still went out and tried to ride but at the 8.5 mile in I told Nate, Billy, Simon and Max that they better go without me as I was in pain.  I rode back and was unable to use my right leg and did the last 5 miles and just pedaled with my left leg till I got back.  Then when I got home I had Cece take me into the emergency room where the xray showed the leg was not broken as we feared that it may have been broken with the amount of pain I was in.  What happened and caused the swelling is that I may have broken some blood vessels in the muscles so that will have to heal.  The Dr told me to take it easy and call the Ortho Dr tomorrow and do a follow up later this week.  They were thinking about keeping me overnight to watch it but I am glad that they said I could go home and they talked to Cece and I and told us what to watch for and get back ASAP if any of the signs showed up.  So I got some pain meds and and I am sitting with my leg elevated.  Yippe for me.  Later..

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