Sunday, November 11, 2012

Seeing Stars

Star is in the house.

After riding the Star cruiser the other day Bryan let me try his Star 20 inch bike and I it ride smooth as hell and I could not go back to the Kuwahara 20 inch.  The old 20 was a 21 inch top tube and the bottom bracket was high.  The Star is a 22 inch top tube and the bottom bracket is alot lower and I feel a ton more stable on the Star race bikes.  Thanks Bryan and Star bmx for the get new rides.

New 20 inch Star race bike.

All the Star bmx bike parts are made in the USA....

I may need to take a link out of the chain?  Seems a little long maybe, but I will try it out and take the chain breaker with me Wednesday.

The cruiser and the 20 inch side by side.  They ride as good as they look.

I hope to get better skills as the bikes seem to be a lot faster then my skill level can handle.  Have to get more gate practice to equal that out.

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