Monday, November 19, 2012


A view of my parents place driving towards it.

2 of the 3 garages filled with stuff.

The garage and house.

The Casa.

View of the front porch.

The house and the front of the garage and family room above it.

View of the lake.

View form the tree stand.

Another view of trees and no deer.

Leaves everywhere.

 No deer, not happy.

Dead trees, not deer here.

Big ass squirrels.

He hung around here for 15 minutes.

How my Dad rolls up to the tree stand.

Bringing me lunch and more magazines to read.

Leave in the dark come home in the dark with no deer.

The flight up was cool and fast.  It took 34 minutes to get from Milwaukee to Rhinelander witch beats the 4 hour drive in the car.  Plus since Cece and the kids are coming up why have 2 cars here to get home Sunday?  I have been up in the tree stand for 10 hours straight the last few days and have not seen anything to shoot.  I did see a buck opening night but it was to far and I did not have a clear shot before it walked back away from us.  We thought it may make it back yesterday of today but it has not so far.  Still have a few days to hope I guess.  But the cool thing is just sitting and enjoying the time talking to my Dad and not having to be at work.  Deer or no deer it is still better then being at work.

Other news was Maddie came to bmx practice last Wednesday and she wants to come every week and then race after a few more days practicing.  I am so stoked for her to try racing again as I know she would do real well.  Also Maddie's friend Kaitlyn came to the practice and she may come along now on too.  Plus 2 more kids on a bike is awesome.  Plus I ordered Maddie a Star cruiser and she can't wait to get it and race the cruiser and maybe some 20 inch. She said she felt better on my cruiser then the 20 inch so she wants to start on that.  The thing is we got her a 20 inch license so I will have to get her a cruiser add on to.  Oh well she is riding a bike and that makes me super happy.  Plus Nate just texted and he is home so now they can plan the next few days and then come up here and relax in the fresh northwoods. Later..

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