Monday, August 15, 2011

Photo's from the weekend of Racing

Nate on the top box for the cat 3's in the pro 1,2,3 race.

Nate at the front of the pro 1,2,3.

Just moving along in the pro 1,2,3.

Taking turn 1 in the pro 1,2,3.

Nate just chilling in the middle of the pack pro 1,2,3.

Nate at he front trying to chase a break back in the pro 1,2,3.

Nate on the top box, Mile in 2nd and the other guy didn't show up.

Nate in the field into turn 1.

Nate taking his turn at the front.

Nate trying to pull away.

Nate on the front as he was many times.

Nate in 2nd, Doug in 1st and a guy from Seattle in 3rd.

Nate looking how much time do I have after taking a flyer for a prime.

Nate trying to get a way from the field with 4 to go.

Nate in the field.

Billy ( Helena), Brian and John on the boxes.

Nate in 2nd, Leif took 1st and Alex 3rd.

The ISCorp gang coming across the line.

Leif and Nate.

Nate and Leif are the break.

This is just a bunch of pictures from the races this week end. Nate raced on Saturday in Manitowac in the Jr 16-18 and the cat 3. He took 2nd in both races. Sunday was the ABR National Championships in W infield Illinois. Nate raced the Jr 17-18 and the Pro 1,2,3. He won the National Championship in the Jr 17-18 and then won the cat 3 as they had to race with the Pro 1,2,3 and their placing was then hoe they finished with in the race. Nate also was top 10 out of the Pro 1,2 3 total field out of about 70 plus starters. Good weekend of racing. Later..

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