Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Track racing

Wow it was a year since Nate raced the track last and it was a fun time. We have had a busy summer with the Gun Show, ToAD, A'lAbitibi and Jr Development camp so we have had other things to do on the plate. But it was the Kenosha News Jr race and Nate wanted to head down for some racing. It was a nice night as Kaleb showed up and the 2 of them teamed up and took the top 2 spots on the podium in all the jr races, oh yeah and the primes to. Then Nate also took a 2nd in the cat 3 miss and out, and a 4th in the tempo. In the main event Nate was able to get in a 4 man break and ended up taking the 4th place as he was a little cooked from all the racing. On the way home he said we may have to do a little more track racing this was fun. It was fun to watch Nate and Kaleb race so well together and most of all I wish Kaleb good luck to racing in Moscow in the Jr World Championships. I will post pictures later as we got home pretty late after the racing. See you on the road. Later..

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