Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Finally the summer is over and the punks go back to school tomorrow. I am happy for that as they will be in a structure again and using their brains ( the little that they have ). It will be a strange year for Nate and Maddie as we transferred them from St Tomas More to St Francis High School. I was a long thought out and tough decision as Nate is a Sr and Maddie a Jr. so I knew that would be a lot tougher on them and then anything as they would be starting over making friends and getting used a new school. But we talked to the guidance adviser and she was awesome and helped us feel very comfortable with the new school. So both Nate and Maddie are great and looking forward to starting school tomorrow with a great attitude about the transfer. Thanks Nate and Maddie for being so great about the transfer. Jessie is in her 2nd year at Deer Creek and she is looking forward to getting back to school and seeing all her friends, oh to be 9 years old again.

Nate is lucky though as he is only going a half day tomorrow and missing Friday to race the Gate Way Cup in St Louis. What a way to start the school year though for Nate. But Cece talked to the administration staff and they are supportive of his missing to go racing. So that makes the new school cool right off the start.

Maddie is loving swim and it has been a blast to see her face and attitude about being on the team. She has picked up the breathing and the strokes real quick even though it was her Jr year that she decided to go out. Thanks to Grandpa who worked with her up north on the strokes and breathing during the few weeks she was up there. It made a huge difference to her doing so well right away at practice. Her first swim meet is next week Thursday and I can't wait to go and watch and see how well she does. I just love seeing kids doing any healthy sport, just love it. Well time to get a few kids ready for their first back to school. Later..

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