Friday, August 12, 2011

Not much

Been getting in the grove of getting Maddie to swim practice as she is going out for the St Francis swim team. She is having a fun time and really enjoying the girls that she is hanging with. The practices have been 11:00 till 1:00 for this week and Cece has been running her there and back. Next week they go from 3:00 till 5:30 as it is a combined team with Thomas More and they start school next week. It is kind of ironic as Nate and Maddie went to Tomas More but with the cost of sending them there was going higher each year we could not afford it any more and open enrolled them to St Francis and now they start school 3 weeks later. They are happy about that but they also go 3 weeks later in the spring. The good thing is that they are ok with the transfer in their Sr and Jr years knowing that the cost was getting to high. Thanks Nate and Maddie for being so understanding. Also Nate raced the track on Tuesday and then we did the ride from Atwater Park on Wednesday with Simon, Peter and Mike and then finally the Beat Down last night. That made for some fun racing and riding for the week and now we have the last of the WCA races this weekend and Nate is currently sitting in 1st and with 2 races left he has the the jr 16-18 class locked up for the overall win. He is racing the jr and cat 3 both days over the weekend again so he should be a little tired, but with all the racing training I hope that he recovers quickly. Well time to head to the airport for the TSA training and FBI background check for the clearance badges. See you at the races. Later..

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