Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crossed up

Nate and Gage on the top box of the Jr xXx cross relay. Mitch and Ryan on the 2nd box. Not sure why Ryan wasn't there.

How Gage and Nate looked after the cat 1,2,3 cross relay race. (pictures from Jeremey)

They raced it 45 minutes later after winning the Jr race. I bet they were tired but they raced it as hard as any other race and placed 5th. They were in the mix from the start and gave it their all till the end. This was the first time that Nate was on his cross bike this year and what a way for it begin. Thanks Jeremey for taking the kids to the race and being the support crew for the day. I went for a 41 mile ride today at a easy tempo that got me home a few tics over 2 hours. I do have to say that it is nice when Nate is on the ride and pulling my sorry butt instead of me having to suck it up into the wind like today. But if he is racing and enjoying the race it is better then pulling me around. I hope that the kids enjoy their last 3 days of summer vacation as they start school on Thursday. Then on Friday I have to pull Nate out of school as he is going to Gate Way cup over the weekend so that should be fun. I need to get some burgers on the grill and watch Jersey Shore with Maddie ( 1/2 hour of my life lost for sure ). Later..

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