Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jr Road Camp

Pictures taken by TJ.

Nate is at the Northcentral Regional Development Road Camp in La Crosse. Yesterday was the USAC Field test and here area few of the pictures that Lowell Kellogg posted on line. Nate looks to be having fun and hopefully the crash didn't take to much out of him. But from the looks of things he is doing fine. Nate will be there until Friday and then when he gets home he loads the car and goes right down to Illinois for some more racing. Being that he is going to go to St Francis for his last year of school he will be starting 3 weeks later so he has a extended summer and he likes that but that also means that he is school longer in the spring.

Tomorrow is Maddie's 16th Birthday and she is having some girlfriends over for a afternoon in the pool. So far the weather is looking good and the girls should have a fun time. Last night we went to the athletic meeting and Maddie is going to go out for the swim team at St Francis so that should be a lot of fun. She too is going to transfer to St Francis as we looked at the numbers and we could not come up with the money for them to attend St Thomas More anymore. The good thing is that St Francis is a good school and both Nate and Maddie are good about transferring this late into their high school years. Thanks guys. Now we also have to find time for Maddie to attend drivers ed and take her scuba certification classes. Going to get alittle busy for a while that is for sure. Jessie is just Jessie and swimming all day and night in the pool. Later..

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