Sunday, August 21, 2011

Busy weekend

Family fun weekend.

Cece and Jessie on the tandem. Thanks Jerry for the use of your tandem for the Cheq again this year.

Maddie on the road bike for the ride. We may have another racer on our hands.

Nate taking it easy as the coach told him he had to.

All 3 of them chasing me down.

They had me on the rivit the whole ride. Hehehehe.....

Jessie and I went to the Packer game thanks to Pam for selling me some great tickets.

At the game watching some of the pre game.

A set of plays before the Packers score.

Amazing how many people are at the games. Just crazy and really how could the owners complain that they don't make any money as there are crazy people spending tons of money at these games. Not us though.

I had a busy couple of days even though Nate did not have any races. We thought about the Race the Lake but he said that he wanted a weekend off so that is what we did. Plus with 1,800 racers at all abilities and worst of all throw in some tri athletes in that never makes a good thing. But Friday was a Packer game with Jess and then yesterday it was a nice with Nate with some relaxing at night. Today was a nice family ride along the lake as the weather was perfect. Then Nate and I washed our road and mtn bikes as they were filthy from the last few rides. Now it is time to sit and get my feet up. Fast and fun weekend. Later..

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