Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Jessie having a fun time the other night.

Maddie and her 16th birthday cake.

Billy and Kaleb on the front of the Main event last night as Nate took a flier.

Nate going off the front last night in the main event.

Well as always things are getting a little busy here as Cece is getting ready for the new school year and also the kids are getting ready for the new school year at a new school. Teacher will be a math teacher leader for several schools instead of 1 school this year and that will keep her busy for sure. Jessie will be in 5th grade this year and tonight Jess and I went to her school and found out who her teacher will be for next year. Jessie is still excited about going to school and I am sure that this will change in a few years as it did for Nate and Maddie. This year it is Nate's Senior year and we transferred him to St Francis instead of finishing at ST Thomas More as the cost was way to much. It was a tough one and I have to say that Nate is a great kid and has handled it so awesome that he has made Cece and I so proud. He said that it would not had been fair if Maddie was going to go to St Francis for her Jr and Sr year and he finished his Sr year at St Thomas More. Also Maddi has been awesome to about the transfer to. Maddie has also gone out for the swim team and the ironic thing is that it is a combined team with ST Thomas More so Maddie still gets to hangout with many of her friends and made some new friends from St Francis. Cool.

Monday we went out to eat with Tim and Ken for Maddie's 16th Birthday. As always it was a fun time and we enjoyed good food and alot of laughs. The food and atmosphere at the Cafe Benelux is awesome and if you gt a chance you have to go there and sit on the open seating on the roof. Then last night Nate and I loaded the bikes and hit the track for some racing. Nate raced the 10-12 yr olds in the same gear that they race on which is a 76 inch gear. The kids got a 3/4 lap head start and then Nate, Kaleb, Robbie, Jake chased. The little kids head them off and beat then which was a blast to watch. Then he did the main event and took a 6th place. In the jr miss and out he took a 2nd and then the rain started and then we waited for a while and just said heck with it and hit Big Star with Billy, Simon, Kaleb, Sarah and her friend for some burgers. As we finished and drove past the track they were still racing and we were a little bummed that we packed and left but were still happy that we were going to be home early. More track racing will have to wait till next year as this weekend Nate is racing the cross relay with Gage in Chicago so that means Nate won't be able to defend his ABR National title from last year. Good luck to those racing at the Washington Bowl this weekend. Well time for some ice cream. Later..

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