Saturday, September 03, 2011

Update time

Been a little busy here with the start of school and getting Nate off to St Louis with the Roth family and a few of the ISCorp Jr kids. Thanks Randy for taking Nate. Nate raced yesterday and was trying to move up in the later of the race and failed to and the result was a 21st place finish. He said he had good legs and was feeling good but was disappointed in his finish as was goint to try to make up for it today. Well he did as he took a 2nd place and Kaleb a 3rd, Peter 14th and Kevin 23rd. More racing tomorrow and hopefully a solid race again.

Maddie has had swim practice and they painted the locker room last night and today. She went to the St Thomas More game today and it presently tired and I think in bed. Her first meet is Thursday and I am looking forward to attending and seeing this thing they call a swim meet. Should be a fun time and I hope she does well.

Jeesie has just been happy that school started and she gets to hang out with her friends again. Last night a few of her friends were at the St Francis Days festival so Cece and I took her there and watched as Jess and her friends run around doing all the games and playing on the Bungee jump, mechanical bull and many other really cool kid actives. Oh yeah we now have a goldfish that she won there, I wonder how that thing will live?

Cece has been busy with school starting and running around now as she is the math teacher leader for 3 school instead of just 1 now. That is going to keep her pretty busy and running everyday for the school year.

I did the Thursday ride and with the heat and some miss timed being in the wrong spot at the wrong time I pulled the plug and Danny, Kyle and myself rolled the ride by ourselves and had a solid ride. Yesterday I had a furlough day so after dropping the girls off at school I went to Lenn's and paid for some things and then went for a nice ride a Crystal Ridge. The trails were in great shape and it was fun running into some other riders that I have not seen in a while. Then today I was talked into going to the kettles. I thought better but went anyhow as it was fine at the start and the trails were a little wet but we go across and were part of the way to Emma and skies opened up and we got off at a road crossing a headed back to the parking lot talking the road back. I think that they may be closed for sure tomorrow and maybe Monday after the rain that we got caught in. Going to be a nice easy ride with Cece and the girls tomorrow. Just pulling the fixie out and riding with them and maybe stopping at the coffee shop during the ride. So that is what is happening. Later..

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