Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cross weeekend USGP style.

Here are a few pictures form the weekend of racing.  The top are form yesterday and it was dry and real sweet racing.  Nate had a mechanical with his handle bars slipped forward and he was to far over the bars causing him to crash.  He crashed 3 times but chased to have a sprint for 4th and 5th with Mitch.  Then today it was a mud fest and Nate raced well and rolled in for a 4th place.  It was a fun race to watch and cheer the racers on as they suffered.

The USGP series is a great run race but I do have 1 issue and that is that the Jr's start behind the Master 45 plus racers and these 17-18 year old kids are fast and catch them early and have to battle the masters and that causes a poor situation for the jr racers as some master racers move over and some don't.  I think that it is easier for a handful of the master racers to pass a few of the slower jr racers them 10 plus jrs having to battle each other and 75 plus master racers.  I will send a email to them to voice the situation and see what they say.  Now I need to get my feet up after washing 5 bikes after the race and then going over Nate's 2 bikes when I got home.  Later.. 

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