Sunday, September 11, 2011


Here are a few pictures from Maddie at the swim meet the other day.  I was the first time ever for me at a swim meet and it was fun but yet interesting.  I guess I am used to the type of swimming you see at the Olympics, fast moving and quiet.  All I have to say is that girls make a lot of noise and they chant some crazy stuff.  I did notice that the ones who made a lot of noise where not the best teams in there.  I have to say that if these girls concentrated on their swimming as much as their chanting they may swim a lot better.  Maddie and her team where not wasting their time chanting and looking like pom pom girls, they were there to swim and get it done. But in all it was interesting watching Maddie as it is her first year of swim and she never swam before either.  She has picked it up quickly and is doing real well. I am glad that she has gone out for swim and I wish she had her freshman year but better late then never.  I don't know her results as it was a relay event and they don't post them anywhere that I know of,  But I will try to make as many as I can to cheer her and the team on.

Nate went to the ABR team time trial national championships to ride with Max, Matt and Sam on a 4 man team.  They never rode together and they did real well as they took 2nd place.  The first [lace team was Garrett, Kaleb, Kevin and Peter and they beat Nate's team by 3 minutes and then the 3rd place was 14 minutes behind Nate's team.  But he had fun and said it was worth the trip and as always a fun time hanging with the ISCorp gang for a few days.  Later..

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