Thursday, September 08, 2011

Going for it

Here is a photo from the weekend racing in St Louis.  This is from the race on Sunday when Nate won the race.  This is the sprint to the finish and Nate played it right to where he used up the other 2 guys to out sprint them to the line for the win.

Tonight was the last Beat Down ride as the sun is going away to fast and the Fat Tire 40 is next week and some of the riders are gone for the race.  But if you want to have a ride go for it and have fun.  But the ride was a fast one tonight as Luke and the gang kept it real and the pace high and smooth making it nice and Easier for me to hang on.  But as always when the group rides are done it means one thing, time to charge the lights and get ready for some night rides.  Well time for some pot pies and Packers.  Later..

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