Sunday, September 04, 2011

Win / Road Trip

Got the message and the phone call today that Nate took the win at the Gate Way cup race today. There was a crash in the race that took a bunch out again and Nate toasted his carbon wheel set again so he is on his regular wheels tomorrow. But the big bummer is that the SRAM support guy slammed the support wheel out by pounding on the top of it and broke Nate's rear deraiuiler hanger off the bike. I thought I tossed some in his bag but Nate can't find them so I am going to drive to St Louis and take one to him. I am making the trip as Randy has to head home and Nate would miss the race tomorrow and with his win today he is in the leaders jersey so there is no way that I would want him to miss the last race. I am also bringing Kaleb and Kevin home as they want to race tomorrow and would have had to leave too. So on way down I will pick up Richard ( Kaleb's Dad ) for the ride down and back. Nice to have someone to drive with me and Jessie wants to go so it should be a fun road trip. Got to get ready to leave for the 6 1/2 hour drive. Later..

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Nathan Guerra said...

You are AWESOME! Definition of Father heart right there, imitating the originator of the words meaning.