Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ride'n and Swimming

I tried to think back to when it was the last time that Nate has not trained or raced.  Maybe a 7 years as we go from BMX in the winter to road and bmx in the spring, to road, track, mtn bike and BMX during the summer and then cross and bmx in the fall.  So this week it is just a few efforts and then more races over the weekend.  It is just a small break and then back to the full on training again for the later goals that have been set.  Plus Nate has to work 3 to 4 nights a week right now as he has the best job a bike racer could have.  He works at Rays indoor mtn bike park.  What a lucky kid to be able to work at his play ground.

Tomorrow is another swim meet for Maddie as she has a duel meet against Shorewood which is nice as Nate and I will be at the cross practice at a park in the area of the swim meet.  Maddie has to swim in 4 events again and she is really enjoying being on the swim team and is glad she went out for the team.  Hopefully we can pick a swim club and she can get more time in a pool to help her get faster and her strokes, breathing and flip turns become better.  But I am looking forward to getting to watch her swim again.  Time for me to look over some material for my Weight and Measures conference that I am going to next week.  Later..

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