Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grayslake Crit

Nate and Kevin at the start of the race today.

Nate at the front of the race.

Nate at the end of the race.

Nate and I headed to the race today in Grayslake Illinois. Nate was sitting near the front of the race most of the time and chased a few breaks down. He said he was feeling good and never felt like the race was moving and he could go after anything and then sit in and move back to the front with ease. So with 1 lap to go he got to the front and was sitting 3rd wheel and in one of the last turns the lead guy went down and took out most of the field. Nate was bummed after the race as he thought he had it set for another win. Kevin was also taken down and Gage was lucky as he got past it and finished 7th or 8th. Now Nate leaves tomorrow for Jr Development road camp. The missing skin should be OK and he said he will be fine. Oh well. Later..

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