Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to regular programming

Nate is back from racing the l'Aibitibi and said it was the best experience that he has had yet in all his racing. He raced and left nothing out there every race and has learned a lot and said that next year he will be super prepared and ready to battle for the top boxes. He got in at midnight so Cece and the girls came along as they all missed Nate so it was a super long day with me getting little sleep before heading to work this morning. But it was worth it all and I would do every day if I had to.

Tonight was the Gun Show and as always Ronsta and the gang never disappoint. It was a larger group then most weeks as word it out that if want to get fast you better start riding fast and this is the group that with provide it. I hung on to the group even though the average tonight was a brisk 24.1 mph. I was getting ready to jump up the last series of hills and as I pressed the left pedal down the rear wheel came out of the drop out and wedged in the rear triangle. I got the wheel back in and Nate, Kyle, ark and myself caught back on and I rolled in with the group. I can say I finished with the group on the Gun Show. Then it was dinner at John's Drive in tonight. Good food and fun as always. This is the real reason I ride a bike, friends and food. Nothing beats it. Later..

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