Friday, July 01, 2011


Nate and I hit the road at 7:45 this morning to pick up Garrett and head to the Kettles for a spin. We got there at 9:30 and got dressed and hit the trails to try to beat the heat. No chance of that as when we were heading to Emma via the connector trail we were with the wind and the heat was like a furnace blasting you in the face. Once at Emma we took a 15 minute break to drink the rest of the bottles we were carrying and refill for the ride home. They way back was a lot hotter but the wind was in our face so the sweat was at least not just dripping in my eyes. It had to one of the few times I thought maybe ride the road back as the heat was starting to get to me but like Nate said in the car it would be like cutting the course or cheating. I will have to always remember that when I am out for a ride to always do the intended ride. Once we got back to the parking I was just sweating moving around trying to change and load the bikes, I bet that during my ride I lost double digits in weight before drinking tons of fluids. It was nice to get in the car and get the air conditioning turned on and blast it in my face for the ride home. Once we got home Nate and Garrett got in the pool and cooled off as I took Maddie to work at Summerfest and stop at Ben's for a few things. After that it was home to grill out and now sit for a while and take a nap before going to get Maddie around 11:30 tonight. She gets the job and I have to run her all over. Oh well she likes it and I guess I really don't mind losing sleep over it. Now for my nap and then ice cream before getting Maddie. Later..

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