Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Going's on

Pictures from the Gun Show by Ronsta.

It has been a few days since the last update. But on Monday was the 4th of July and we had a little celebration at our house since Summerfest was closed and that had Maddie, and my parents free to get together. So we had a cookout and celebrated Nate's birthday early as my parents will be out of town by then. My brother, Ken, Chris, Paul and Cece's Mom came over to. It was nice as we swam and sat around and talked for a while. We were going to go to the crappy bike ride but after the heat and sun plus a few beers I sat at home and went to bed early. Maybe next year we will make the crappy bike ride.

Yesterday was the Gun show and I was thinking great no one there to ride with when I get dropped. But the group was smaller and the pulls were not as fast and I made to the end. Well Nate was my wheel as he sat at the back and kept it smooth on the surges and I was able to hang on for the entire ride. Well most as John had a miss hap and bounced off his top tube flew sideways into me and then we both almost went down and both stayed up. The group waited to make sure John was OK and Shelly and I rolled on to get past the last 2 hills by the time the group caught us. But as we were rolling they stopped for a flat and a few of us rolled in and finished up before they rolled up. But it was a nice pace and I was able to hang on and hope to have it happen again. Then Nate stayed over night by Ron's as those 2 are going for a stroll at the Kettles for a few hours. Lucky guys as the weather seems perfect. Today will be a spin on my own after work then a swim in the pool. Later..

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