Sunday, July 10, 2011

State Championship Crit races

Jr 16-18 podium with Nate 1st, Leif 2nd, Kevin 3rd.

The cat 3 podium, Nate 1st, Leif 2nd and I don't remember the name of the guy in 3rd.

We have been busy the last few days. We had the Thursday night group ride and it was a nice and smooth ride that stayed together and was a fast mph average at the end. Then Friday Wade was in town so we all went to Summerfest for the Jason Aldean and it was a awesome concert. Then after Nate and I did a nice ride on yesterday we meet Wade, Debbie, Tim and Ken at the Iron Horse for a lunch and then went to Tim's for some grilled meats.

Today was the State Championship Crit race and Nate raced the Jr 16-18 race at 8:40 and won the State Championship with Leif 2nd and Kevin 3rd. Then I loaded the car with Nate, Kevin, Peter and Theo and we came home so they could jump in the pool and then have a lunch before the cat 3 race. We went back and got ready and then during the race Nate won 2 $20.00 primes with the help of a great leadout by Peter. Then with 2 to go Peter and Nate made their way to the front and coming out of the last turn Nate was sitting 2nd wheel and popped out of the slip stream and hit the gas and won the Cat 3 State Championship race too. A good day on the bike and just in time before he leaves to race in Canada on Saturday. Later..

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