Friday, July 29, 2011

Beat Down

The kids chatting it up before the ride.

Peter and Leif before the ride. Peter forgot his jersey and had to wear one of mine. Just a little big on him but it worked.

Nate, Chris and Brad before the ride.

Last night was the Beat Down ride. I was wondering through out the day if we were going to ride or get rained out? Well in the end there was no rain and the temps were hot and muggy. Nate called and asked if he could pick up Garrett and Peter to bring them to the ride and then Max called and got dropped off for the ride to so we had a few extra kids along. Once there Leif made it along with his Dad Brad to round out a nice group of Jr's on the ride. It was a nice fast pace and everyone made it to the finish making it a good ride. Can't believe that the there are only about 5 more Thursday night rides, wow where did the time go? Well off today to go the St Francis High School and get Nate and Maddie's class schedule as we are enrolling them there as St Thomas More just got to be to much money. All good though and they will do great there too. Later..

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