Sunday, July 24, 2011

Results from stage 7

Just posted the results for today's race and Nate finished 70th. He finished in the main group and it was a 94km race to end the tour. From what I read from Joe yesterday that there was a huge hill that the racers had to climb today. It was big enough that the racers could had struggled and maybe have been dropped during the climb. But with the results Nate again was able to finish with the main group. That is awesome as Nate was able to finish in the main field for every race and just the fact that he had a bad time trial cost him a high place in the GC. But still super proud of his racing and we will have him ready for the time trial next year for sure. Thanks ISCorp, Lowell and Joe for the awesome chance for Nate to race the l'Abitibi. Later..

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