Friday, July 15, 2011

Let the fun begin

Well Nate has packed his bag and I am really hoping that he doesn't forget anything. We stopped at Ben's and went over his bike and then had Brett do a once over on Nate's fit and everything is looking good for the race. He leaves at 8am tomorrow morning from Lowell's house with the rest of the bunch for the long trip to Amos in Quebec Canada. They start racing on the 18th and go through the 24th with 2 races in one day twice in the series. Should be a fun one and we are just hoping that he can get through without any crashes and some good finishes. But here is the link to the race and hopefully they will keep the results update to date.

The girls are up north with my parents for the nest 2 weeks so that will leave Cece and I a quite house. Man that is going to be a change and I don't know how we will handle it. Probably just get used to it and then they will all be back home and it will be back to normal. But we will enjoy it while it lasts and maybe even go out to dinner a time or 2. We are going to go watch the Downer ave races tomorrow though as it always means that the summer is here when you get to watch the bike races. Later..

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