Monday, July 18, 2011


Well they got to the race site safely and now it is time to go over everything and make sure that they are ready for some racing the next few days. I looked at the race schedule and they have the team presentation tonight and a dinner party to attend before the racing starts tomorrow. The first race up is a 112.8 km road race that starts at 4:15 their time. Then it is a 108.4 km road race on Wednesday. Thursday is a 12.4km time trial with a 52.7 km road race in the evening. On Friday they have another road race and it is 120 km long and then on Saturday it is a 99 km crit race. Sunday they finish the races with a 86.7 km road race. Sounds like fun as in 6 days they race 7 times and a total of 599.1 km. I will try to keep any updates I get posted asap and here is the site to try to follow along if they keep the updates current. You can translate it from French to English. Hoping for some safe and fast racing. Later..

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