Sunday, July 03, 2011

Whitewater Time Trial

Today was the WCA Whitewater time trial. It was a 12.2 mile time trial that was a out and back from the UWW campus. I don't want to beat a dead horse but the UWW cycling team seems to drop the ball in a few areas of all of the races that they put on. Today was the course was not marked well and the corner marshals were either late getting to a few spots or just not paying attention when riders came up to their areas. I heard about at least 15 riders that missed turns or the corner marshals didn't say anything till they passed them. That makes for a bad day for many of the racers. But Nate knowing the way the race is run kept his eyes open for the poor markings on the course and did not miss any turns and turned a 2nd place finish. Theo had a great ride and beat Nate, but Theo had the TT bike and areo helmet and Nate just had the standard bike and equipment so he was happy. So in the end it was Theo, Nate, Kevin and then I think Chris Noah and then Garrett rounding out the top 6. Then we got home and I got a nice single speed ride along the trails by the lake. Now it is time to watch the DVR'd stage of the tour. Later..

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