Thursday, July 21, 2011

Results from Day 3

Today was a double up race day. Nate had a time trial in the morning and then anther road race in the evening. Nate was sitting pretty good in the overall in the top 40 and then the time trial came up. I know that we don't practice the time trial but he has done a bunch of them and has held his own. But today he had a bad one and I don't think that he can recover the time that he lost. Then I looked in the results from the road race and he finished in the field again. I am hoping that he is learning alot and that maybe in the last few stages that he gets to the front and tries to get in a break or maybe get one started to get some of the time back. But that is easier said then done. Well there are 3 more stages and hopefully he is learning and be better prepared for the race next year. On the good side is that he has not crashed and is still in one piece. Here is the results link for the race. Later..

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