Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 2 l'Abitibi

Just heard from Joe and the race yesterday was a average speed of 28mph plus for 112km. That is a pretty fast pace for a bunch of kids in jr gears. Today was another 108km race and Nate was sitting in a good spot and in the last turn there was a snafu and it caused him to lose a bunch of spots. I don't know where he finished but once I find out I will post up the results. I also do not know the how the rest did either, but again once I do I will post the results.

Today was another warm one outside but I don't really mind working outside and riding in the heat. I guess I know that once it is done that there is the air conditioning and the pool. That always makes the time go by fast. I looked at the temperature of the pool water and it was 89 degrees. But it was still refreshing and felt good after work and riding today. Know I need some dinner and a huge bowl of ice cream and freshly picked raspberries. Later..

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