Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A tad busy

Pictures taken By Ronsta.

The last few days have had me running a little and trying to get things done before Nate leaves for his race in Canada on Saturday. After the races on Sunday we had to celebrate Nate's 17th Birthday on Monday. He went out to Waukesha in the afternoon for a nice 3 hour plus ride with Kevin and then he came home and we went out to dinner and then Nate and Kevin went to the batting cages and what ever. Then yesterday was a orthodontist appointment for Nate before we went out for the Gun Show. It was a great night as I hung onto the lead group till 3 miles from the end as I hit a hole in the road and got a flat. Nate, Kevin and Kaleb waited up and then once fixed we rolled in. It was a awesome ride and can't wait till next week and try to hang again. After the ride it was a nice cookout at Ron's. Now tonight we have a 3 to 4 hour ride planned and then we have to start getting Nate packed and ready for the trip. Later..

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