Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sun Prairie cross

 Nate and the gang at the start today.

 Nate taking the hole shot.

  Simon taking the drop during the race.

 Simon tackling the mini equalizer.
 Nate getting ready to remount his bike after the uphill barriers.

Nate taking the drop during the race.

Here is a short film of Nate riding the steep hill during the race.  He rode it every lap today and it looked like the faster was to go.

Today was the Sun Prairie cross race.  Nate stayed with Max and a few team mates again at Max's families place in Lake Mills.  Thanks again for the opportunity again for Nate to stay there.  The weather this year at the race was a lot better then last year when it was like 10 degrees out and windy.  This year it was about 40 degrees at the start of Nate's race and again like most of the Jr races the grass was still wet from the frosty night.  As the race goes on though the grass and course dries out and gets faster as the laps click along.  Nate took the hole shot and kept the pace steady increasing his lead each lap to win by a comfortable margin.  I think that the fact that Nate was riding the steep hill helped him pad the lead as the other racers were running it and you could see the time lost running the hill.  In the end it was Nate 1st, Gerrett 2nd, and Tad 3rd.  Max was riding in the next group but crashed and broke a shift leaver and pulled out of the race.  Next week is Halloween cross and the new race in Sheboygan. Should be another fun weekend of racing again.  Later..

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