Friday, October 21, 2011

That was a first for sure

Well I took the day off to get a few things done.  I got alot done but I still had a few things I wanted to do but I just ran out of time.  But in short I got the Volvo into the shop and for a check up and then ran to the bank before getting home around 9:30 for a quick cup of coffee.  As I was finishing the coffee I heard a fire truck pull up in the street right in front of my house.  I was thinking that there are about 6 out of 7 houses right around me have people that are at least 80 plus and I was thinking that maybe one of my neighbors may have needed some help.  But it was my next door neighbors that did.  Well their house did.  they both teach with Cece and  Amondo was at school and Rebecca was with the kids at the store ( they kids had a day off today ).  But the firemen got off the truck as I walked out the front door and were walking around their house looking in the windows.  Then they got the axes out and were looking at the doors and I asked what they were going to do.  They said that they had a fire alarm and were going to get into the house by breaking the doors down.  I said that I had a set of keys and that I would rather they got in their house that way instead of ruining some doors and costing them a bunch of money.  It worked and once I opened the back door you could smell the smoke from inside the house.  But in short they walked out in about 5 seconds with a toaster oven that Isabella had left a few waffles in before they ran to the store.  That was were the smoke was from as the waffles were about 2 minutes away from starting a fire in the kitchen causing a real big issue.  But as I was turning the alarm off Rebecca and the kids got home in tears and the firemen told them that all was OK.  The firemen and Rebecca were happy that I was home to save the doors and some money.

After the fun next door it was time to hit the chore list.  I got the ladder out and cleaned the gutters, seen the roof and I have to get on that fast before winter as many areas are to close to failure and I need to gt a new roof up there asap.  Then it was get the leaf blower out and clear the leaves, cut some old flowers and other garden things cleared up.  Then it was wash the cars and truck before Nate and I went for a spin on the mtn bikes.  After that it was a nice dinner with Cece, Nate and Jessica as Maddie is out with some friends at a haunted house some where.  After dinner is was go over Nate's cross bikes for this weekends races and finally now I get to sit down.  Well time for some sleep as I feel a cold coming on and I am hoping to try to keep it away.  Later..

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